Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Community Photo Challenge-Christmas Season I think I've fooled around long enough. It's time to start participating in the Blogger's Community Photo Challenge. The current challenge is ... The christmas Season.

There is so much to choose from when wanting to depict something that represents The Christmas Season. At our house the Christmas Season is definately here when the ornaments come out of their boxes to be placed on the tree. Here is my entry for this challenge:

The trimmingof the tree is like a ritual for us. The tree must be purchased days in advance and allowed to spread while in the tree stand for a couple of days before the ornaments are hung. It is then my job to put the lights on the tree. This year Trenton will be halping Grandpa with that task.

After the lights go on, the rest of the family joins in putting their favorite ornaments up. We have ornaments from both sides of the family that date back a couple of generations, so there are lots to choose from.

The ritual is ended after the angel is placed on top of the tree and the lights are officialy turned on. I try to have some eggnog on hand with some cinnamon and just a touch of nutmeg on top. This ritual will be played out this next weekend. I'll take a few more pictures to share as we go.



MariesImages said...

Thanks Sam, for sharing your Christmas tradition. We used to have the same type of traditon & it was my favorite time also.
Time, divorce...takes life out of my Christmas Season, now. ;(

Christmas balls are so pretty & perfect to represent Christmas!
There will be more Challenges this month....Ü, so I hope you join in again!
Thanks for joining in!
Merry Christmas!

Vicki said...

Sam...welcome back! Nice to see you dive right in with my favorite time of year, too...and my favorite holiday. Our tradition is very similar only now it's my grandchildren who are helping with the ornaments. And we'll be doing that decorating next weekend, too. Love the red and gold of the image. Looking forward to more photos from you!

Anonymous said...

Very nice pick :) I almost did a picture of my white santa that goes on the tree but decided just to dress my ferret up lol

Maria said...

Hi, Sam, I think rituals and traditions can be make any occassion so special. I hadn't thought about giving the tree time to spread before hanging the ornaments..good idea. The eggnog sounded pretty good too! My tree is awaiting the lights and ornaments but guess what...that White angel tree topper is already up there!...I couldn't wait...:) Maria

Nancy said...

Hey Sam,
So cool that you started this blog.
I'll be back.

Lovely shot...also like the story behind it. Tradition is so wonderful.

Happy Holidays!


cw2smom said...

Sam, That's a lovely photo and a great story to go along with it! Blessings, Lisa

Trees said...

I love the ornaments you put on your post, traditions at Xmas are very special, cant imagine anything more precious than decorating a tree with your grandchild. New to your blog, but will return again.



Missie said...

I just posted my first photo challenge today.

Your picture is very pretty!

Looking forward seeing more of your photos.

~ L said...

Hi Sam, just found your new blog. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll be posting over here. You always had such nice photos over at aol.

Jeannette said...

Hi Sam, I've just found your new blog. I love your tree ornaments and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with Trenton and your dear family. Hugs, Jeannette xx

Linda George said...

Hi I've finally remembered my ID and Password have got back in, so am just catching up on some Blogs.

Lovely photo, your ritual sounds very like ours. Hope you had a good Christmas.

MariesImages said...

Hi Sam, Just checking in with you. How are you feeling??? Hope all is well.
Try to say a few words...Ü Keep us updated in your little world.

salemslot9 said...

I like a lil rum in my nog

D said...

Hey sunshine... just thought I'd let you know the current challenge is autumn colors 2009. LMAO when ya gonna stop fooling around? :)!

Rjet33 said...

Beautiful ornaments, Sam! Our holiday rituals are quite similar as far as decorating the tree and the eggnog minus the cinnamon and nutmeg. Maybe I will have to try that next year! :)

Rjet33 said...

Come back, we miss you!